Backyard Campout

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The Olympic opening ceremonies are tonight…excited?

We are celebrating with the Kinnaird Family Olympics and backyard camp out.
I first saw this idea @ Family Ever After; what a great way to kick off the London games.

I found so many amazing camp inspired ideas, and thought I’d share the best of the best
beginning with…

this super fun tent from Not Just a Housewife

glow bubbles to light the night

feeling hungry, try

these berry cones make a fantastic and easy outdoor snack, and when it’s time for dinner

campfire pizza 


grilled quesadillas make a nice change from the usual burger and dogs.

Got kids…

tacos in a big are sure to be a big hit!

You cannot forget about s’mores

 and I’ve even got you covered for breakfast

MOST importantly, because we are sleeping outdoors (no RV for us tonight)

Don’t judge me:)

Happy Camping!