Almond Joy Frozen Hot Chocolate with #IDelight

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Almond Joy Frozen Hot Chocolate

a refreshing way to beat the heat this summer

Almond Joy Frozen Hot Chocolate with International Delight


hair gets lighter

skin gets darker

water gets warmer

drinks get colder

music gets louder

nights get longer

life gets better

I don’t know who said it first, but it could not be more true. Especially the drinks getting colder.

Almond Joy Frozen Hot Chocolate


I happen to live in an area of California that gets EXTREMELY hot in the summer. Cold drinks are mandatory pretty much all day long. We drink our water like good little boys and girls, but one cannot live on water alone. Summer is a time to have fun, and this frozen hot chocolate is ALL about the fun.

To start, I made ice cubes out of International Delight Almond Joy Coffee Creamer, you know for those days you feel like a nut. We’re pretty nutty around here.

{in case you haven’t noticed, ID has a BRIGHT and SUNNY new look, but the same great taste}

Frozen Hot Chocolate


Then, when the cubes were nice and frozen {this took overnight}, I melted 3 ounces of dark chocolate.

Blend the chocolate with 1 cup of milk, then add 2 cups of International Delight Almond Joy ice cubes, and 1 cup of ice

​Blend until creamy and the consistency of a frozen fruit smoothie

Of course hot chocolate needs whipped cream,and because I used Almond Joy creamer, I topped it all with toasted coconut and a chocolate drizzle.

{to make the toasted coconut, place shredded coconut on a baking sheet, and broil on low – watching closely – it only takes about a minute to toast}

So trade your heels for flip flops, let your hair down, crank those tunes, and enjoy a delicious frozen hot chocolate ID style.

Your tan may fade, but the memories you make this summer will last a lifetime.

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ID Almond Joy Frozen Hot Chocolate

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