#ad Popcorn Chicken Salad {with fries of course} and Tyson Project A+

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#Clip4School Tyson Project A+ Popcorn Chicken Salad



We live in my town’s Historic District.  The homes are full of character, the streets are tree lined, and there are more cute shops and restaurants than my budget can stand. We LOVE it here, and I could not think of anywhere else I’d rather live.

However, along with older homes come older schools, and while we are in LOVE with the school district, and our neighborhood schools {yeah, my kids are walkers this year} both the elementary and the middle school need upgrades. This requires more money than the current budget allows for, so I was absolutely thrilled to participate in Tyson Project A+

It’s quite simple. Register your school {if they are not already registered}




Clip the Project A+ labels{usually located on the back of the package} and redeem


Tyson even has a Getting Started  section on the Project A+ site


Earning money for our school couldn’t be an easier, and I am excited to get our whole community involved.  New technology is important for our kids, and now we can all help.


Money raised



With the start of the school year right around the corner, I decided to load up on our favorite Tyson items which are perfect for quick lunches, after school snacks, and those nights when dinner needs to be FAST.


Chicken Salad and back to School


Popcorn Chicken Salad {with fries of course}


  • Tyson Popcorn Chicken {4 - 5 pieces per serving}
  • Waffle Cut Fries
  • Mixed greens {about 1/2 cup per serving}
  • Vegetables of your choice {We used baby carrots and snap peas}


  • Cook chicken and fries according to the package directions
  • layer 3 waffle fries on plate
  • top with mixed greens
  • add vegetables {I used 4 baby carrots and 4 snap peas per plate}
  • top with chicken
  • dressing and one final potato
  • {but really, it's salad, you can do it anyway you like}


We topped our salad with my better for you blue cheese dressing

When you add popcorn chicken and fries to veggies they are MUCH more likely to get eaten, and Tyson makes it quick and easy.



popcorn chicken salad


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