25 back to school breakfasts kids will love

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25 of the BEST back to school breakfasts that your kids will love!!

25 of the best back to school breakfasts

The day has finally come.

Tomorrow is the kids’ first day of school, and while I know they are NOT going to want to get up, I plan to have a breakfast so yummy they jump right out of bed. Well, a girl can dream right?

To get our school year off to a great start, I rounded up 25 of the best back to school breakfast ideas that your kids will be sure to love.

chocolate, peanut butter, and banana stuffed french toast

stuffed french toast

banana pecan crunch muffins

banana muffins

overnight coconut oatmeal

 overnight oats

omelet in a mug

omelet in a mug

honey, yogurt, quinoa parfait

yogurt parfait

breakfast pizza

breakfast pizza

s’more pancakes

s'more pancakes

cream cheese filled chocolate chip muffins


overnight yeast waffles

overnight waffles

bacon,egg, and cheese quesadilla


breakfast bananas

breakfast banana pops

yogurt granola bites

granola bites

almond butter cereal bars

no-bake cereal bars

french toast sticks

french toast sticks

pancake muffins

pancake muffins

fruity pebble parfait

fruity pebble parfait

freezer breakfast burritos

breakfast burritos

waffle breakfast sandwich

breakfast sandwich


the best basic granola

breakfast panini

breakfast panini

quick cinnamon blueberry rolls

quick cinnamon rolls with blueberry

blueberry pancake cake

pancake cake

raspberry lemon muffins

raspberry muffins

peanut butter banana smoothie

peanut butter smoothie

copycat mc griddle

copycat mc griddle

breakfast is the most important meal of the day, make it a great one.