21 of the best ways to top your pizza

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in our house, we take our pizza pretty seriously. i have been making pizza every friday night for the last 14 years. but my husband and kids have never experienced real nyc pizza. so this week while were in the big apple, we plan to search for the perfect slice.

our first stop is joe’s .   and because my kids are big fans of mozza in southern california, we’ll be trying the pizza at otto as well.  pretty much our entire itinerary revolves around food, and all this planning got me to thinking about what makes a really great pizza. crust is key. i love a good thin crust with just a bit of chew, but the toppings are a close second.

best way to top your pizza

so i rounded up some of my favorite pizzas from around the web.

i am a big fan of an runny yolk on anything, especially pizza

best ways to top your pizza

and with burrata…yum

best ways to top your pizza

almond butter pesto pizza

best ways to top your pizza

and more cheese is more better, this three cheese and shaved asparagus pizza is one of my faves

best ways to top your pizza

this beet and honey pizza sounds divine

i planted brussles sprouts for the fall/winter, so hopefully well be enjoying this brussels sprout and goat cheese pizza soon

whipped ricotta, sign me up

i love using my outdoor pizza oven, but this cast iron skillet pizza sounds amazing too

and i think pizza for breakfast is always a good idea

everyone loves spinach artichoke dip, so why not try it on pizza

you can never go wrong combining taco tuesday and pizza right?

one bite and you’ll be hooked on this bbq chicken pizza

the kids are sure to flip over mac and cheese pizza

and i’ve got a meat eater that would love this cheeseburger pizza

fruit and cheese is such a great combo

i love every thing about this flatbread farmers market pizza

don’t forget  dessert

and s’more

cinnamon roll pizza, yes please

this apple crumble pizza is a little slice of heaven

or how about this caramel apple beauty

savory or sweet, you just can’t beat pizza.