20 Terrific Recipes for those Thanksgiving Leftovers

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Wondering what to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers…

Thanksgiving Leftovers

turkey pot pie

 leftover turkey pot pie

turkey cranberry grilled cheese

leftover turkey and cranberry grilled cheese

turkey salad with cranberries

leftover turkey salad

leftover egg rolls

leftover egg rolls

turkey enchiladas

turkey enchiladas

mashed potato patties

leftover mashed potato patties

turkey and mashed potato waffle melts

turkey and potato melts

 turkey and wild rice soup

turkey soup

turkey and rice casserole

turkey casserole

waffled turkey sandwich

turkey sandwich

turkey pesto cranberry melt

turkey melt

turkey tetrazzini

turkey tetrazzini

turkey cranberry strudel

turkey strudel

leftover mashed potato soup

mashed potato soup

turkey and stuffing dumpling soup

turkey soup

pumpkin waffle breakfast sandwiches

pumpkin waffle breakfast sandwiches

leftover quesadilla

holiday hash

Thanksgiving leftover hash

turkey pesto roll-ups

leftover turkey rolls

stuffing waffles

leftover stuffing waffles