15 Creative Lunches for Back to School

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Can you believe it’s back to school time already.

I have  no idea where the summer has gone, and while the kids are really excited to go back, packing lunches does  NOT get me excited at all.

I cannot explain it; it’s not that hard to pack a lunch, but it is one chore that I have never enjoyed.  I actually dread it every night.

SO… I went searching for a little inspiration, and look at what I found:

 pizza is always fun, but these pizza – pops are sure to be a hit

now this might not win over my middle- schooler, but a sandwich on a stick is a great idea for young diners

Tacos in a cup are ideal for packing and a great way to get those kiddos to eat veggies.
My daughter happens to LOVE leftover pasta for lunch, but these food-colored noodles would simply make her day!

I don’t know about Charlie and Stella, but I’d love a chicken hand pie in  my lunch.

I am absolutely in love with these bento boxes

weelicious is FULL of the most amazing ides like:

I wish she would make my lunch everyday!

Mac and cheese is ALWAYS kid approved, and these muffins make packing it a breeze.

Of course MARTHA has fantastic ideas, and what kids wouldn’t eat a chicken finger?

 Chips are mom approved when made at home:)

Fruit is a must

…but what ever you do


Congratulations moms; you made it through another summer!