15 A+ Breakfasts for Back-to-School

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back to school

Today’s the day;

my kids are back in the classroom, and it’s my job to get them out the door fed and happy {not always an easy feat}

so here are 15 creative ways to get them to the table in the morning  no matter how early it is

painting toast, what kid wouldn’t love that first thing in the morning

these animal muffins are seriously the cutest

this is almost too pretty to eat, but my art lover would love it

breakfast frida p

how’s this for a morning greeting

food on a stick is always fun

chocolate is always welcome at our table

these pancakes will make  the kids go wild

pancakes on a stick

what’s not to love

even I’d get up early for these french toast muffins

kids and quesadillas just go together

love love love this french toast

they’ll be all eyes

start their day on the sunny side

what a fun way to eat the rainbow 

a worm any kid would be happy to eat