Wheat Berry Cereal

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wheat berry cereal

Mealtimes around the Kinnaird house can be a bit tricky.

Thankfully, Monday – Friday I only have breakfast and dinner complaints to deal with.
They may be complaining about their lunches, but I am not at school  to listen:)

He likes meat, preferably in the form of a hamburger.
She like pasta, but ONLY if it is homemade.
He LOVES tacos, but she only eats burritos.
He wants eggs everyday, she wants oatmeal.
He DOES NOT EAT oatmeal!

It is not uncommon for my children to glare at me across the table.
Makes a mom feel real good.
If dessert is not going to happen that night, Stella usually will not even take a bite.

So…imagine my surprise when not just one, but both, kids LOVED the wheat berry salad I made a few weeks ago.
There wasn’t even dessert to use as a bribe.
They were picking at it even before we were all at the table.


Wheat berries, who knew.

Even better than that

wheat berries
when cooked and served with
brown sugar
and fruit

it’s cereal

like oatmeal
but better
because BOTH kids like it!

and glaring in the morning does not a happy momma make


Wheat Berry Cereal:
1 cup of wheat berries
3 cups of water {or half water and half apple cider for apple wheat berry cereal}
bring to a boil
reduce heat and cover
simmer for 45 minutes
 ~this can be done the day ahead {just reheat and serve}
serve with milk or better yet cream
brown sugar
and fruit