The BEST Chocolate {stuffed} Baguette

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Today’s after school snack…

the chocolate -stuffed- baguette.

It may not sound all that special,
chocolate, butter, bread

but let me assure you,
it is the BEST THING  EVER

just ask my two very happy children:)

A store bought baguette would have been just fine,
but I decided to give baguette making another try.

I really enjoy making bread, but my baguettes have never been very good.

I searched the internet for tips, ideas, and recipes,
and I found IT

the recipe
don’t be scared by the title

4 Hour baguette
from Saveur

yes, it does take patience
but it’s  not hard at all.

Most of the time is spent during the several rises.

If you are going to make baguettes,
I beg you,
use this recipe.

My bread turned out perfectly
{well okay one looks more like a snake, but Stella shaped that one}

While absolutely delicious completely on it’s own,
stuffed with a bit of butter and chocolate,
it is pure heaven.

Simply take a warm baguette
divide it into four sections
make a small slice in the middle of each section {on the side and not the top}
spread in just a small bit of butter
and  2 squares of dark chocolate {at least 70% cocoa}

3 simple ingredients have never tasted better

and the kids…
I don’t think they’ll ask for cookies or chips anytime soon
not with another two baguettes waiting.


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