meal prep | week 1


meal prep  week 1

I’ve decided to make 2015 the year I get organized. I’m not really a disorganized person; my house is usually pretty orderly. We typically don’t lose things. I plan my meals for the week; although, we don’t always stick to that plan, and more often that not I find myself scrambling at the last minute with trips to the store for things I forgot.

This year I am putting my lovely new day designer to good use. I will not only plan my day, but also better plan for the week and even year.

My weekly plan is going to include a new blog series | my meal prep for the week

I feel like if I prep it, we will eat it. Less food will go to waste, and we will be making better food choices if things like granola and pre-washed and sliced fruits and veggies are ready and waiting.

A couple of hours in the kitchen on Sunday, and we are ready for the week ahead; NO last minute trips to the store needed.

meal prep

Here’s what I accomplished

1 | I made a double batch of pancakes with our Sunday breakfast, so that I could have some frozen for a quick before school breakfast

2 | Basic granola and dehydrated berries – perfect for breakfast with milk or our favorite homemade yogurt, Stella’s snack choice almost every day

3 | I made a large pot of lentils which I LOVE in salads, but I never take the time to make them for myself. If they are in the fridge ready and waiting, I can eat them anytime, like with greens and a poached egg for breakfast today.

lentils with greens and poached egg

4 | A large pot roast for Sunday supper, and the leftovers make a DELICIOUS ragu for pasta night

5 | While the pot roast was slow cooking, I roasted two small chickens. One will be chicken soup tonight, and the other will be shredded for Taco Tuesday  enchiladas and chicken salads.

6 | Fruits and veggies were washed and sliced making them prefect for grabbing on the go, and this year I WILL grab more veggies than chips or crackers.

I have our meals for the week  not only planned, but prepped and ready to go. We’ve got great snack and lunch choices packaged up, and I feel ready to take on the week ahead.

Do you have any great meal prepping strategies? I’d love to hear them