Key Lime Krispy Treats


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If you are a regular here at
French Press
you already know how I feel about
festive food.

LOVE it!

Green food and rainbows have been
ALL over
{in case you had not noticed}

 I wasn’t sure if I’d post anything green
{my green shamrock pancakes aren’t really blog worthy}

and currently I’m up to my eyeballs in pie for Charlie’s
Pi Day math Party

and then I found…
Key Lime Marshmallows

these scream
Rice Krispy Treats
{did you hear me scream}

Since my favorite part of key lime pie is the crust,
I went ahead and added graham cracker crumbs.

Trust me, you’ll want to do the same.

Key Lime Krispy treats

1 –  8 oz bag of key lime marshmallows
3 tbsp melted butter
5 cups of krispy rice cereal
1 cup of graham cracker crumbs

line a square baking pan with foil
spray with cooking spray
press in the cup of cracker crumbs
{set aside}

in a large pot melt the butter
stir in the marshmallows
once melted, stir in the cereal

press into the pan
{on top of the cracker crumbs}
allow to cool completely before cutting

*disclaimer…not all of the crumbs will stick, but it’s still
totally worth it;)