Banana Almond Pancakes


Okay, so I admit
these aren’t exactly pancakes.

But, they are shaped like a pancake,
and they are made in a pan {or griddle}.

So…pancakes it is.

I am on day 3 of the 28 day Whole Living Cleanse.
It was much easier last year, before I began blogging seriously.

Reading about, and looking at, food all day is pure torture.

Sure, if there is a fruit or a vegetable, I have it in my house currently.
There’s plenty to eat, but I am SO hungry.

I need to feel like I’m eating just like everyone else,
and my little green smoothie was NOT doing it for me today.

I really wanted pancakes.
Carbs are  my comfort food go to.

Definitely NOT included on the cleanse.
Then, I remember seeing a recipe for {almost} vegan pancakes.
These used almond, banana, and eggs.

I have all of these, and while eggs are not included until week 3 of the cleanse,
I wanted to try it with just the almond and the banana.

I took 1 cup of blanched almonds
processed them until fine crumbs

pulsed in my 1 ripe banana

{now you’ll have mush}

use about 1/4 cup of the banana mush for each cake
cook them on the griddle
{because mine is a bit old – I did wipe the griddle with coconut oil}
flip after about a minute
cook another minute

Seriously, I know they are not going to taste like banana nut pancakes,
but they were really good

and I don’t feel all that deprived anymore.

win win