Apple Chips


This may be the easiest snack recipe yet.
Even easier than homemade fruit roll-ups, and those were SO easy.

We enjoy our fruit, but sometimes it’s not the easiest take and eat snack.
It’s drippy, sticky, simply overall messy, and if you are on the go, maybe not the best choice.

But…the alternatives are chips or crackers, and while it’s okay at times to have these, it’s not my snack of choice.

Since our favorite fruit rolls are berry, and berries are not exactly in season, I needed another fun fruit snack.

Then, I spied my fruit bowl FULL of apples, and I made apple chips.

I LOVE my apple peeler/slicer/corer

and it proudly sits on my counter for ALL of apple season

These chips would still be simple even if you had to slice by hand, but I highly recommend this cute little gadget.

The chips are quite easy:
peel, core, and slice the apples
you can “bake” them in a dehydrator or on a cookie sheet in the oven – light on, overnight.

That’s it.

Mess free fruit to go:)