Just in case you’d like to know a little about me
here it goes…

I’m a wife

kinnaird color046

I waited a LONG time to find him

and a mother

kinnaird color031

I waited a LONG time for them as well

I feel grateful EVERY day for them
 even when they make me crazy

When I’m not walking dogs, or wrangling chickens, I’m usually in the kitchen.

My house is NOWHERE near as clean as my sister’s
 this drives me crazy as well
but…I’d rather cook than clean ANY day of the week.

I prefer salty to sweet; although you’d never guess that from the blog 🙂
I cry ALL the time
I have a very hard time saying no…

and Well Floured has given me an opportunity to feel creative –
something I never really considered  myself.

Thanks SO much for stopping by

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